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Darold Miller Live 15 May, 2012

Philip C Galanis joins Darold Miller today at the Guardian Radio 96.9 FM Studios. Among other topics, the new cabinet appointments are on the table for discussion.


3 responses to “Darold Miller Live 15 May, 2012”

  1. Cornelia says:

    Hello Darold,

    Are you going to have a focus on the medical care in the Bahamas anytime soon? When you do I would like to be included in the discussion.

    Kind Regards
    Cornelia Daux

  2. Dyson says:

    That speech just read from Sir LOP stated a lot of what has been in my heart for the past few years…. but written in 1997, the year I graduated college, says that not a word of it struck a reactive nerve with the persons responsible for what has happened since those words were first spoken. Thank you reading that Mr. Miller.

  3. Ramera Swabt says:

    Your previous caller was right. When is this government going to deal with Shanty Town. Those structures are also unlivable, provide a haven for illegals and crimes and is a strain on the government since most of them are using illegal light and water. Noone in this government seem to have the will to deal with this issue.

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