Mon, 24 Jul 2017 18:30:59 -0400

Blueprint with Construction Seminar Group (CSG): Building Foundations for Tomorrow’s Innovations.
Sponsored by The Engineering Group and Michael Diggiss & Associates.
Hosts: Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming, Michael Diggiss and Hammond Rahming

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“Wanna know what your friends will be talking about tomorrow? Well Join The Conversation today”

Z Live is a general interest of soft news talk show featuring first-class economic and political analysis. The show’s mission is “to provide informative and entertaining conversations around general interest soft news, mixing news, public affairs and entertainment around a single topic, with heavy emphasis on leadership, the economy and public policy.

The Revolution seeks to inform and engage and electorate that has become jaded by decades of lackluster political performance as our country’s problems get worse in the face of administrations that have left far too many honest, hardworking Bahamians behind.

This is a three-hour radio talk show hosted by veteran journalist, Carlton Smith. He addresses current affairs and provides a forum for intelligent discussions on the issues impacting our nation.