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Be sure to follow Dwight on twitter @MorningBlend969 and check out our new Facebook page! <a href=”http://facebook.com/MorningBlend969″ title=”Morning Blend on Guardian Radio 96.9″>http://facebook.com/MorningBlend969</a> Also contact us via email at morningblend@nasguard.com and call in to the studio 325 4316, 325 4259 or 323 6232 .

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Our Healthier you in 2015 campaign continues. The principals, teachers and students of the Stapledon and Community schools are shedding the weight and getting healthy. You and your school, work or church group can join in as well. Let’s get healthy, move more and make better food choices this year. ‪#‎HealthierYouIn2015‬ on ‪#‎TheConversation‬ weekdays on Guardian Radio 96.9 We also had David Wallace stop by to talk about the circus being in town this week. Get your tickets for the whole family.

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This Nation needs a REALITY CHECK and on this show we have the conversations which will propel us into finer NATIONHOOD.

If EACH before his doorstep SWEPT… the VILLAGE would be CLEAN! Wanna give someone a reality check? Call in: 325 4316, 325 4259 or 323 6232! Email your reality check to chrissyloveraw@gmail.com, like Reality Check on Facebook <a href=”http://www.facebook.com/pages/Reality-Check-Bahamas/487639357916856″>Reality Check Bahamas</a> and follow Chrissy on Twitter: @ChrissyLoveRaw!

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