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Changing the Mindset

The aim of Changing the Mindset with Beaumont Todd is to address pressing issues in The Bahamas, as a nation, people and community. We seek to reach out to people throughout the archipelago, to get a true state of affairs for our country. But we don’t just talk about the issues we are facing, we also come up with realistic and positive solutions that we can begin to apply in our lives and communities. The show’s focus is to change the direction our country is taking to one that we envision together as a people – one that we would be proud of and willing to claim.

It’s alternate focus is to help “change the mindset” of our people from one where we blame one another, and act and feel helpless to do anything about our circumstances, so as to help us become a people who live up to our country’s motto –“forward, upward, onward and together”.

Talk with us via email at; on Facebook at Tweet Beaumont @changingthemind.

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