Coffee Break with TJ

Born in Miami, FL, but grew up in West End, Grand Bahama. He is a graduate of Freeport Anglican High School in 2000. He obtained a Bachelors of Arts degree in Multimedia from American InterContinental University in South Florida. He has been in Nassau from 2009 until now. He worked as the nation’s top photojournalist for almost three years before going out on his own to publish his own publication, Extract Magazine. Now this 29-year-old is known for his work in the community and his passion for raising awareness amongst young Bahamians.

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23 Responses to “Coffee Break with TJ”

  1. Ren says:

    Hello. Bahamians are not looking at Haitians as below them or being inhumane. We are certainly saddened by the loss of life as a result of the fire. However, the masses are frustrated at the ongoing social issues…many of which are due to the significant illegal immigration problem. The land is being squatted on and illegally taken, the hospitals and schools are overburdened, crime is out of control. Bahamians want this issues firmly addressed and the want their country back.
    If they are illegal send them back!!

  2. Eugene Jordan says:

    I recently visted your beautiful island and loved it so I decided to use “smartphone technology” and “tune in” to your show. I find the current topic extremely relevant for this time period. I think the biggest destraction of technology is the lack of human connection. In Washington DC, where I live, I see people sitting at dinner tables in local restaurants typing on their phones individually. What Happened to dinner conversation!?! Love the show can’t wait to visit again. Sincerely, E. Jordan

  3. There are good men, lots of them, in The Bahamas. However, I do not know if we want good men. In an article I wrote on the “Unwanted Virtuous Man” i wrote

    Men who “go against the grain” and “do not fit in” to what is considered to be “normal behavior” by their peers are usually not promoted on the job. It does not matter if they are the most productive employees, or if they are always on time and respectful to their superiors. If they do not play the “political games” or join in the social rondeaux, they are out of the “good old boys club” and their life are forever limited. (So they think)
    Men who have lots of children for multiple partners are considered “real men.” In fact, we often find ways of excusing the inordinate sexual behavior of our Bahamian men. A woman who goes around and flirts with men will most likely be called a “bitch” or “whore.” But a man who can sweet-talk a woman, have sex with whomever he chooses is “a cool brother.”

    If a single male executive gets a woman pregnant, we celebrate. We buy cigars and chocolates for the “good old boys club.” When a single female executive gets pregnant, we fire her or cry “shame, shame.” Virtuous men get nobody pregnant so they cannot join in the celebration. Most times they would empathize with the hurting females.

  4. Rita says:

    Do the insurance companies in the Bahamas cover this test? If your results say that you have this gene…will the insurance company cover treatments after learning the results of these tests?

  5. M. WIlliams says:

    Hi Teej. I love it that you have a 38year male virgin on your show today. It shows me as a 37 year old woman ( am not a Virgin because of sexual Abuse) that there are males who are Godly and who have kept themselves for their wives. I thank God that he will continue to hold fast to his Belief and Obediance to God. He will be a great asset to whoever God has for him to marry. If I had a Choice I still be a virgin too. Peace!

  6. Akeem Saunders says:

    I love the show and tune in whenever I can! I love how you interact with your listening audience and how you don’t dance around issues. Refreshing!

  7. Dyson Knight says:

    This show is #bess! Straight the point and informative. Great job Teej. You can play more Bahamian music between the talk tho. Well music by Bahamians then. Just cause I have to say that… #onelove yes eye!

  8. raj major says:

    Funny how we are being asked to vote on making web shops legal but
    We will have to wait until mid year so vote on alowing bahamians to gamble .
    Think about it webshops will be legal and can be taxed but it still wont be lwafull for bahamians to gamble

  9. PrinceLeo says:

    Staying single is a challenge but it is possible. I am a young man and both my wife were not intimate until we got married.

  10. M.E.G. says:

    i been trying to call but you say the phone number too fast!!

  11. M. S. says:

    Tell Nassau Cheaters, that there is someone who loves him but never told him in so many words. ( he also knows that person personally} the problem is he likes those skinny women}. but i know a real lady who loves him but wont tell him because he may laugh at her. she is beautiful, learned and very intelligent.

  12. Hank says:

    We got a workout that ends with Yoga every morning at Taino Beach – Yoga is harder than the workout son – Thats a lifetime journey -

  13. Angel Watson says:

    Play something by Countess Pepper Fever or U Want Me

  14. Kenya says:

    How to I send you messages and become a part of the discussion while you are on air? What is you fb or twitter address?

  15. ShadDG says:

    I can’t catch the show at 9am because of work, but I noticed you re-run other programs. Is Coffee Break re-broadcasted at all? If so, can you tell me when?

  16. Dizzle says:

    Livestream not working :-( But i’m sure its going well :-)

  17. Charlene Rolle says:

    Congrats Teej, wat an awesome work u r doing, keep up the good work, love ya

  18. Denisha T. says:

    Can you let me know what time today’s Coffee Break show be re-broadcasted?

  19. CLove says:

    CONGRATS TEEJ! do well!

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