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Let’s Talk Live with Carlton Smith

Hosted by veteran journalist Carlton Smith, this current affairs program provides a forum for intelligent discussion on the issues impacting this nation. Guests range from present and past politicians, business professionals, religious and community Leaders.

Let’s Talk LIVE seeks to move the national debate from the established standard of “venting opportunities” for a group of “chronic talk show callers” to the new plateau of engaging interview discussions, encouraging different points of view. This new approach seeks to drive the nation’s leadership in all sectors of society to resolve issues with a view to transforming the nation.

13 responses to “Let’s Talk Live with Carlton Smith”

  1. Donald Demeritte says:

    Request: Need the official email address for Carlton Smith. Easier to send in comment(s) than making a call.

    Love the dialogue today – specifically the discussion re Min. Mitchell and Greg Moss. Also found the caller’s comments re George’s nightly talk show. The few times I tried to listen – it was attack-attack. Not certain how it works in the best interest of the ‘National’ dialogue but we all have to be so very careful.

    This is still our country – i.e., legal Bahamians, legal Haitians and other legal ethnicities – policies has to be for our benefit not illegals.

    Love the platform……..

  2. Ian Stubbs says:

    I am an educator of 20 years, I would gladly offer my man power in The Department of Immigration to assist at this time. The country is in need.

  3. Zen says:

    Great show Carlton.
    I have noticed that you believe that Bahamians need business plans to effectively start and run project. That sort of thinking was true when it was expensive to prototype however, in this day in age we can create prototypes very inexpensively. In the information age we create the product, get customers and only when the company needs to grow is a business plan introduced.

  4. Lisa Wohlleb says:

    Hello Mr. Harris:

    Also, I would like to say that your last caller is correct Mr. Mitchell, I believe has forgotten his place, He is a servant of the people, for the people and put there by the people. Please, not the gobal community who calls the shots for the world wants to implement their agenda for the Bahamas, and they have found in Mr. Mitchell their scout but, not in the Bahamas, not now and not ever!

  5. Lisa Wohlleb says:


    Mr. Harris I enjoy your show, I am listening from Atlanta, GA. Please, can you repeat you phone number and facebook site more often because, I wanted to comment and did not have a means.



  6. Toriano says:

    Good afternoon Mr Miller

    I would like to speak on air can you please provide me with a number to call.

    I am a recently graduated Math teacher I have owned and operated a tutoring company in Toronto for 10+ years and have recently moved home to launch my company. I would like to provide a young voice on your show

  7. TT says:

    Re Your show of August 5th refers. The Bahamian political scientist caller from the U.S., is SPOT on!! COB isn’t doing anything to advance intelligent debate and study in this country! Also, the issue of various proposed “types” of citizenship is SPOT on – i.e. naturalised, natural born, honorary, corporate citizenship. There must be an immediate call for amnesty to have all children born to illegal immigrants to come forward and grant them some type of residency. Those who don’t come forward must NOT be eligible thereafter for residency and certainly not citizenship.
    Until the myriad of immigration issues are attended to in a transparent matter, I as a Bahamian mother will be VOTING NO at the upcoming referendum on equality rights for married Bahamian women. That issue is minuscule in comparison to the 2,000 lb. pink coloured gorilla in the room, i.e. illegal immigration that all successive govt. have NOT had the political will to address in a timely fashion!

  8. TT says:

    I’m listening to your show of August 5th talking about the proposed Referendum concerning gender equality and automatically granting citizenship to husbands and children of married Bahamian women.

    What consideration if any is given in the proposed referendum and the Bills to the local trend whereby persons are by deed poll legally changing their names and “known-as-gender” from male to female by deed poll then eventually obtaining a “new” passport w/ the changed name, e.g. a Female. Is this realistic scenario being anticipated as an affront to “backdooring” same-sex marriage? Please discuss and enlighten your listeners.

  9. Mel Orlando says:

    People have to realize what is going to capture the larger audience. It’s marketing. Once we attract the crowd, we can display the culture.

  10. Mel Orlando says:

    What about Carnival: Junkanoo style…We market a global festival while marketing our own style and gaining global recognition of Junkanoo.

  11. Happy says:

    For my friend Carlton.

    If the Bahamas as sovereignty, why do we have a Governor General and Privy Council in our corporate Governance Structure?

    What has actually handed over to the representatives who sort Independence?

    Is it a partial Independence?

    Interested to know.

  12. Please let me know what happened to Darryl Miller as I am a long-time listener. Regards, Grace P. Marshall

  13. Clarise Sandi says:

    Great job Carlton on this mornings broadcast 4/4/14. I love that name change, let’s step it up a notch and bring Jeffery Lloyd in on that time slot and let’s put Juan McCartney on that 4:30-6 p.m. show and you will stop “THEM” dead in their tracks and you would have them fighting for ratings.


    An avid listener
    and fan of Guardian Radio.