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  1. Hubert says:

    Chrissy love is the biggest hypocrite on talk radio. This stupid Haitian woman hating on her own people… What a joke!

  2. brad says:

    I am one that had so many problems,not seeing the child she name him after her brother,and will not change any thing ,when i saw the boy he don’t speak to me with respect but she will not tell him the truth

  3. Ms. Roberts says:

    Dear Chrissy,
    Derek Brown the head of the MCCA. circuit should be ashamed to call himself a bishop of this Methodist Church. I am associated with his school John Wesley Methodist College. The Principal had resigned her positioon since September 2013.There has not been a replacement. The teachers have had to take on the running of the school. There is no permanent High School teacher in place. We under his employ were catching hell since last year at the hands of this man. We went home last year summer without any salary. We went home last Christmas without any salary. Also this Easter we were not paid. For him life goes. He does not care about his staff. Chrissy these people owe us so much back pay. I have even stopped counting. But we as a staff decided to stay on until June 2014, because we care about the students that we teach. Over the Easter break I went to check my National Insurance contributions they have not been paid since June 2012. I was so angry, because every time I get paid that money is always deducted from my salary.

    They had a meeting where a vote was taken to see if the members wanted to close the school down, but the only people who said yes to it were some of the members of Heritage Of Redeeming Love Church. This church is located next to the school. All the other members said no to the vote. Chrissy this is one mess that I think the Bahamian public should be made aware of. Of course this man that they voted in to be in charge of their MCCA. is not a Bahamian, so he does not care if this school closes down, or the way the staff is being treated. His wife works for the school in Turks and Caicos, so of course that school is doing well. This whole situation is a total disgrace. He was supposed to meet with us months ago, and never came. What kind of christian is this man?

  4. ken zueger says:

    The surviving pirate, Abduwali Muse, was held on the USS Boxer[34] and was eventually flown to the U.S. for trial. In a federal courtroom in New York City, prosecutors brought charges that included piracy, conspiracy to seize a ship by force, and conspiracy to commit hostage-taking.[35] Muse’s lawyers asked that he be tried as a juvenile, alleging he was either 15 or 16 years old at the time of the hostage taking, but the court ruled Muse was not a juvenile and would be tried as an adult. He later admitted he was 18 years old[35][36] and pleaded guilty to hijacking, kidnapping and hostage-taking charges (in lieu of piracy charges) and was handed a prison sentence of 33 years and nine months.[37][38]

  5. Darren Antonio says:

    hi Chrissy,Love your show.

  6. Monty says:

    Hi Chrissy,

    Can you ask Anku his opinion on the Ausar Auset Society?

  7. k Bain says:

    There is a lot of information out there that a diet high in fruits and veggies is the best defense against cancer and other diseases. My family and I live in Andros and often have difficulty finding quality fresh produce in the markets and there is very little variety. Do you know of any farmers/markets/stores that will ship organic produce with out us having to physically go to Nassau to make the purchase?

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  10. MoMar says:

    Where can I find the folks that sell the Sea Moss??

  11. Mr. BAIN says:


  12. Charles says:

    Can you post the 9th show please?

  13. Charles says:

    can you post yesterday’s show please?

    Thank you

  14. Patricia says:

    Where is the upload of Reality Check for March 7, 2013?

  15. Matt says:


    The Bahamian people made a big mistake both legally and scripturally and I can prove it!!

    1) This referendum is much deeper than most people are giving it credit for. It speaks of a matter that I believe should be a constitutional right!!! Everyone should have a constitutional right to spend their money which they earned how they see fit.

    2) The government simply cannot control how people chose to spend their money!!!! It will be too costly and run the Government into trillion dollar debts.
    For example, If I am the sole provider of a household and I chose to give my ENTIRE earnings to the Church I would be fully within my legal rights to do that.
    Would such a move hurt my family?
    Will such a move hurt the children?
    Would such a move cause me to fall into debt?
    The answer to ALL these questions is a resounding YES!!!!!!

    But answer this question; is it feasible for the Government to stop everybody from mismanaging their earnings???? The answer is obvious!! It is impossible to stop the average person from mismanaging their earnings. I would bet you I could find a million ways to blow $100,000!!!!! And yes THE CHILDREN WILL SUFFER BUT THE STATE GOVERNMENT CANNOT CONTROL THAT!!! What if a man decides to give ALL or most of his money to a woman he admires?? What if he has bills to pay and children and relatives to take care of??? Wouldn’t they ALL suffer??? But my point is all of these activities are completely LEGAL and the Government simply cannot make all of these illegal. There are compulsive shoppers, there are compulsive eaters, and there are compulsive womanizers. All OF THESE ADDICTIONS CAN HURT THE PEOPLE WHO DEPEND ON THESE INDIVIDUALS FOR THEIR LIVELIHOOD. NEVERTHELESS ALL OF THESE ACTIVITIES ARE PERFECTLY LEGAL!!!! COMPULSIVE GAMBLING IS NO DIFFERENT AND NO MORE SINFUL THAN ANY OF THESE LEGAL ACTIVITIES!!! YET GAMBLING IS ILLEGAL? WHY????? You can argue that not everybody gets addicted to the habits listed above but not everyone gets addicted to gambling either so why is gambling illegal!!!!!!

    3) The government should NEVER get in the business of controlling how people spend their money. This is too personal. Making Gambling illegal does just that. This is NOT sustainable development!!!!

    4) I do not believe for one second that Gambling is immoral. Please bear in mind that Gambling and compulsive gambling are two different things. Nevertheless let us assume for illustrative purposes that normal gambling is immoral. The problem that rises here is that not everything that is immoral is in fact illegal and not everything that is illegal is in fact immoral. I will go further and say that not every immoral practice can be made illegal otherwise this country and all its people will be governed from Fox Hill Prison. (For all have sinned and have fallen short of God’s Glory) So how do you determine what should be a crime from what should not????

    My philosophy is simple. Anyone that physically attacks another person his belongings or property should be a Crime. (This is why I was always opposed to seatbelt laws) GAMBLING DOES NOT FIT THIS CRITERIA AND THREFORE SHOULD NOT BE A CRIME!!!!!! GAMBLING DOES NOT ATTACK A PERSON AS IN THE CASE OF CRIMES SUCH AS MURDER ROBBERY OR RAPE; NOR DOES GAMBLING ATTACK A PERSONS BELONGINGS AS IN THE CASE OF FRAUD, CAR THEFT AND BURGLARY. With Gambling you are using your OWN money with an agreement between the parties whether verbal written or implied that if a particular number fall you will be paid a specified amount. My obvious conclusion is that gambling should not be a crime.

    5) If you open a business you are taking a gamble in my opinion as 95% of small business fail within the first five years!!!! In most businesses investors make a small investment with the hope (not a guarantee) of a bigger financial payoff in the future. This statistically is the same as gambling. We make a comparably small investment for hopefully a much bigger return. In life you take gambles almost everyday you might just not know it. Suppose many years ago you studied to become a typewriter repairman. Your hope was to make much more money than you originally put in your training. However typewriters are now obsolete. So depending on what time you took the course, your gamble might not have paid off. Suppose you decided to become a lawyer and 15,000 other people are appointed lawyers within the next year. This would have been a gamble you would have lost because the supply would now exceed the demand and you may be forced to work in another field to earn a living.. (and in most cases less lucrative)
    If you catch an aero-plane, how can you be so sure you will make it alive to your destination??
    You are in fact taking a gamble with the hopes that you will accomplish your goal and arrive to your next destination.

    Still not convinced, How about the Stock and Currency market???? I have read stories where investors have made 1 and 2 million dollars in one day with one single trade in the stock and currency market. But I have also read where some investors have lost 15 million dollars in one day in the stock market. Most of these investors are NOT certain whether the stock will go up or down. The stock or Currency market or any other like market for that matter is GAMBLING OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!!!!! But Gambling really is not wrong! Yet the Church has never objected or made noise about the stock market. When people buy stocks, nobody says leave that alone, God will supply ALL your needs. But little that they no, God operates on ACTION taken and not a wait and see attitude.

    6) Risk taking is natural desire that I believe God himself has put in man. This is why some young men pop their bikes in mid air sometimes in traffic. They were not just thought to do that. They have a natural built in desire to take chances. There is absolutely nothing wrong or sinful with having a desire to take chances. We all just must learn how to channel it properly and in moderation. This natural risk taking ability that God has built into man has led to many inventions and man doing many things they could not have done before. An Intelligent man named VOLTAIRE who lived centuries ago once said if a man travels at 40mph he will SUFFOCATE and his heart will stand still!!! But it is the risk taking ability of man that now leads us to travel hundreds and in some cases thousands of miles per hour.

    Thomas Edison took a gamble (a risk with the hope of a bigger payoff) and tried to make electricity and failed over 700 times wasting his money. If I told the average clergy to do something and your chance of success was 1/720 he would firmly turn me down and say that this was gambling. But because Thomas Edison took a chance we all live in a better world today.

    6) Now let us deal with the scriptural argument and the Ten Commandments. Let me make it clear that I love the Church but I sometimes believe that some in the Church get their priorities mixed up. Let us look at the Commandments most important to God according to His own word.

    A) The First is thou shall have no other Gods before me. This is one of the most important commandments given to Christians. It was the very first commandment that God wrote with his own finger. We in the Bahamas label ourselves as a Christian nation. But my question is; is it illegal to worship another God in the Bahamas??? This is one of Gods most important commandments yet it is NOT illegal to worship another God in the Bahamas. The Church that upholds Christian values say nothing about this. Yet this is most important to the God we serve.

    Let’s look at the second third fourth and fifth commandment. Read them in Exodus Chapter 20. Not one of them are illegal in this country and these are the commandment MOST important to God!!! It is not illegal to build a graven image and worship it, or to use Gods name in vain it is not illegal to work and shop on the Sabbath and it is not illegal to curse out and disrespect your parents!!! These are all immoral act but none of them are illegal. Only two of the Ten Commandments are on our law books and I believe they should be there. They are you shall not murder and you shall not steal. These crimes hurt other people and they should remain illegal.

    But what about the others?? You shall not commit adultery, you shall not lie and you shall not covet. I am sorry but not one of these commandments are illegal except to lie under oath in a court of law!!!

    Now some Christians come with this silly argument that coveting covers gambling but if I covet my neighbor’s possessions I cannot be arrested for that!!! It is not illegal. Coveting and Gambling are as different as night and day.

    Coveting is defined as to desire wrongfully, inordinately, without due regard for the rights of others. I can covet another person’s possessions and never be arrested as it is perfectly legal in this Christian country. Gambling on the other hand is to take a risk in the hope of gaining an advantage or a benefit. In gambling both parties have established a mutual agreement that if a particular number fall it will entitle the gambler to a specific pay-out.


    Comparing Gambling to Coveting is like comparing consensual sex to Rape and saying they are one and the same!!!! In consensual sex two parties are in total agreement to perform an action. But coveting is a one way street!!! No two parties get together and they both agree to covet one another’s possessions. Unlike gambling, coveting has NO mutual agreement between parties. So don’t let ignorant Church members spew that non-sense on you.
    7) Apart from the reasons already given by the vote yes campaign, such as jobs government revenue and additional funding for education, and sports, a vote no might not be able to force to closure of these web shops. According to a noted attorney Gambling is already legal in this country and ALL a no vote will do deny the Government the right the tax these enterprises. These web-shops cannot be closed down legally. Any attempt by law enforcement to close these web shops can result in millions of dollars in lawsuits which once again the Bahamian taxpayers will have to foot this bill.
    In conclusion I would like to state that I have read the entire Bible and I have seen no definite evidence that the scripture is opposed to the concept of risk taking or taking chances. To the contrary I have actually found scriptures that have supported my argument. For example a particular scripture says if you give to God He will open the floodgate of heaven. This suggests to me that if you give to God you will receive much more than you gave in the first place. Another scripture says I will give you cities you did not build. Every major country in the world has lotteries and many of them have better work ethic than Bahamians. This includes nations praised for their work ethics like China. So I reject the notion that legalizing gambling will cause a further deterioration of our work ethics. Good work ethics are thought by Parents and it is the Parents responsibility to ensure that their child has a good moral values and work ethics.

    8) Some 48,000 people voted NO and 30,000 voted yes but from my understanding some 100,000 did not vote so I do not believe for 1 second that the Prime Minister should be bound by these results because we may actually be acting in the best interest of the minority and not the majority. This to me is a battle against discrimination. If foreigners have the right to gamble in the Bahamas so should Bahamians. The only image we are portraying to the world is that we have double standards or we lack intelligence. Sometimes just sometimes the majority is wrong!! If we ALL agree that 2 + 2 = 5 that does not make it right!!!! Black people in the USA can NEVER have a majority so in the 1800’s if they had a referendum to abolish the slave trade the Black minority could NEVER WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But would this have made slavery the correct thing to do?

    9) What would Jesus do?? Well I will be very honest here. I do not believe that Jesus would gamble however that is not really the question here. The question is Will Jesus approve of gambling being an illegal offence that you can be imprisoned for? The answer in my humble opinion is NO!! I will give an illustration.

    Please refer to John Chapter 8. This is the story of the adulterous woman. According to the Pharisee’s this woman was caught in the very act of adultery. Adultery in those days was punishable by death and was so noted for its devastating effect upon families and children that it made the TEN Commandments. I would even go so far as to say if Gambling is like Alvernia in Cat Island then Adultery is like the Himalayan Mountains. Adultery made the Ten Commandments. Gambling clearly did not. Yet Jesus approach to this matter was quite liberal in my opinion. He that is without sin let him cast the first stone!!!. They were all struck by their conscience and walked away. When Jesus had lifted up Himself, and saw none but the woman, He said unto her, Woman, where are thine accusers? Hath no man condemned thee?”
    “She said, No man, Lord.”
    “And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn thee: go, and sin no more.”
    From that point on Adultery to this day is 100% legal is most Christian countries although it is still regarded as highly immoral. Gambling is like a practical joke when you compare it to Adultery but modern day Pharisee’s have made this a greater sin than those in the TEN Commandments. In light of this example and how the Christian Church has NEVER campaigned for Adultery to be made illegal I ask you again; What would Jesus do???? Would Jesus make the practice of Gambling illegal and allowed adultery and many others in the ten commandments to remain legal? Remember that Gambling unlike Adultery is NOT clearly defined in scripture and the things that are most important to God are clearly defined in scripture. Why is it that some Christians are making the abstract illegal while the sins that are obvious and spelt out remain legal??? Remember God NEVER took away mans right to choose!!! The tree of knowledge of Good and evil remained in the Garden of Eden. I ask you this question: Why didn’t God remove the tree from the Garden so that man NEVER had the opportunity to sin?? The obvious answer is that even God wanted us to have a choice no matter how awful that choice turned out to be. The modern day Pharisee’s are taking away our right to choose. God himself did not do this.

    For those of you who share my views I urge you to send this to as much people as you can. I don’t care because we as a nation have to come to a level of maturity where we can debate issues with intelligence and not make everything a political or even spiritual battle. The process may be flawed but let’s face it; No government is perfect. It is the principal I am supporting here.

    I do not believe we are there yet but I hope for the sake of the many people that depend on this industry that I am wrong.

    • romer stubbds says:

      allowing persons to choose to spend their money as they wish or any other decision they may make, is very different from us as a nation sanctioning gambling, while i agree that it should not be a crime or persons should not be brought befor the court, i have a problem with this sanctioning it, which sends the wrong message to our youths that the way forward is not to work hard and sacrifice, but to live a life of gamble or chance, which 95 percent of the time will not result in success or prosperity but failure, poverty, desperation and the altimate destruction of the individual the family and by extension the nation, while only a handful of persons, (the number bosses) exploit the masses with their catchy slogans, eg you play we pay, winners live here and so on, knowing that the odds are completely NOT in the favor of those spending their hard earned money even to the ruin of children families and marriages which only put more social and financial strain on the government. i dont think gambling should be illegal but the license to run a gambling house certainly should. Thanks

  16. suckteet says:

    Chrissy – all cabinet ministers should be mandated to send their children to government school…I assure you we will see significant improvement 🙂

  17. chrissy love says:

    thanks for all the input and sharing… all da smart folk does listen to REALITY CHECK! eh? blessings…

  18. R Saunders says:

    Hello Crissy

    I love the show. I’m writing the this post to respond to the argument of why the aristocrats in society operate the way they do.
    it me belief that those with means and connections want us to do good. Good enough to scrape by and not enough to be on their level. the rich and their conies think they are Mount Sinai and we must accept hog entrails with fear and trembling. Finally we come down to masters of illusion and empty promises. Governments want to keep us ignorant to in sure that the special interest and under the table arrangements can continue to evolve . when we are educated or knowledgeable of what the country needs we force are leader s to take their hand out of their butts. Actually doing what we hire them to do.

  19. Dominique says:

    Listening all the way from Boston! Gotta love the internet

  20. chrissy love says:

    thanks for all your comments and your support of REALITY CHECK! appreciate it!

  21. nathania smith says:

    Great group Chrissy! My Dr. Strachan is doing a wonderul work with educating our society. promoting wellness along with Shay, great team. What can a woman take for heavy monthly circles, especially uterine fibroids, to minimize heavy periods. My husband is really doing well with Dr. Strachan’s help, he is loosing the big belly and upper body fat….thanks! I myself is seeing my new curves too!

  22. Judah Amen-Ra says:

    Our natural divisions were exploited by the Europeans with their devious plan to subject and oppress the African minds in order that they may steal the wealth of the African minds.

  23. Lady Symonette says:

    Dr Strachan am on my way to your Office. I need plenty help.
    Oh Chrissy, I have 6 Gallons of Coconut Water for you,If you need them call Stevie at 535-7488.

  24. Margot Virgill says:

    Hi Chrissy I hope you stop crying by now ..but they forgot to tell you that the Rahming Brothers sang who gonna fill those shoes……very appropriate.

  25. Andrea Wilson says:

    The Ministry of Education needs to listen to the voice of teachers before the go ahead and make policies and changes to the educational system.

  26. chrissy love says:

    thanks so much for listening to REALITY CHECK! appreciate your comments! plz call 323 8160 or 323 6232 to join the convo…

  27. Dicrius Ramsey says:

    Hi Chrissy is anyone surprised that Mr. Franklyn Wilson is heading the Govt talk on BTC buy back majority share. After much speculation that he was one of a few top bahamian behind blue water co… things that make you go huummmm.

  28. Dicrius Ramsey says:

    Chrissy thanks for keeping it real good to hear you back on the air waves.

  29. Ralph R. Hepburn says:

    Hi Chrissy,

    Love listening to you and all of the other Guardian talk radio host. I just wanted to add to the conversation by saying that, I had a friend who’s baby died at the Princess Margaret in January of this year from a baterial infection. The baby was premature and was ten days old when it died.

  30. Ann Ward says:

    The Government Ministers, go to the office can’t see them where are they