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Blueprint for CHANGE

Where it began?

In 1995, Engineer Howard Rahming thought it important that Architects, Engineers and Contractors in The Bahamas, needed to become more aware of the current technologies that impact the Construction Industry. This idea incubated and in 1997, Construction Seminar Group (CSG) was established by founding members, Engineer, Hammond Rahming, Engineer Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming, Architect Henry Hepburn, and Architect Michael Diggiss. In April 2014, CSG, inspired by founding member, Lelawattee Manoo- Rahming, BLUEPRINT, was born. The weekly radio show which airs on Guardian Radio 96.9, and is hosted by founders Lelawattee Manoo- Rahming, Hammond Rahming, and Michael Diggiss. The primary intent is to continue the conversations with the professionals of the Build Environment on provocative and informative topics aimed to provide knowledge enhancement.

The Show Evolved

In April 2017, BLUEPRINT, celebrated its third year, and has a committed and growing listening audience. As like any parent who feels that their child has now grown up, have decided that it’s time to pass on the reigns of the show. We intentional sought out to find those who would be interested and committed in continuing and developing the show. We were fortunate to find Valaria Pintard-Flax, Architect and UB Professor, and Michael
Edwards, Artist, UP Professor, to join Michael Diggiss to build on the history of CSG and BLUEPRINT and expand and transform the radio show. The new hosts have decided to launch, ‘BLUEPRINTfor CHANGE’, with the primary focus of looking at some of the major challenges of the Build Environment that is currently facing The Bahamas, and exploring, with industry knowledge and experiences, design methodologies that can offer possible viable solutions and how they can be implemented.

The Show has Transformed!

Michael Diggiss, one of the Founding members of the show, who was the solo host for some time, was challenged by one of his guest (Tyrone McKenzie) to “broaden the conversation, there are many aspects of our country and its national development that require a BLUEPRINT FOR CHANGE!” We believe this can begin by finding ways to “change our perspective” on how we think and act on a variety of relevant topics concerning national development. Join new Host Tyrone McKenzie along with Host Michael Diggiss in the re-launch of BLUEPRINT for CHANGE, a show that is designed to “Change Your Perspective”!, on Guardian Radio 96.9 FM on Mondays from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

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