The Blueprint

Blueprint with Construction Seminar Group (CSG): Building Foundations for Tomorrow’s Innovations.

Sponsored by The Engineering Group and Michael Diggiss & Associates.

Hosts: Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming, Michael Diggiss and Hammond Rahming

CSG has been designing and facilitating seminars for professionals of the “built environment” since 1995. With Blueprint radio show, CSG aims to raise awareness of the professionals who create the built environment, that is, Architects, Engineers and Contractors, and to encourage and inspire young people to enter the professions of Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

With Blueprint, CSG also aims to provide an historical overview of the contributions made by Bahamian Professionals to the built environment, acknowledging the challenges and celebrating the successes. To that end, Blueprint will be showcasing various Architects, Engineers, Contractors and allied professional as our special guests.

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