The Conversation

Shenique Miller will dare to go where no other show has gone before.

The Conversation is primarily geared towards women – our issues and aspirations, desires and concerns, triumphs, fears and interests. The Conversation will provoke, compel and motivate the listener to lead a better more informed quality of life.

The Conversation will feature real life experiences and people who come together to share stories and empower one another. We have several standing features that have become favorites with our listeners: 

Hot Topics Monday

Roundtable Fridays

All Male Panel (monthly)

Women’s Health Wednesdays (twice a month)

Sex Coaching and Intimacy (monthly) 

Like our theme song says, The Conversation is “Girls helping Girls to Make It Through.” You can join The Conversation on, follow @sheniquemiller on twitter, and check out The Conversation with Shenique Miller Channel on YouTube.

For a complete list of The Conversation files, click here.

3 responses to “The Conversation”

  1. Christine says:

    After having Pastor Myles on yesterday what is the objective/purpose of this show today. This is too much rambling. Let’s get to the point.

  2. Jason says:

    Can your guest comment of the dangers of consistently eating ice (Pica disorder)and how to treat the this disorder.

  3. stephy says:

    This is great that I can get to listen to ‘The Conversation’ here in Italy. Inspite of the 6 hours difference I couldn’t miss it.

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