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Track World with Alpheus Finlayson

The Bahamas has demonstrated that international success in track and field is not measured by the geographic layout or population size of a country. The Bahamas has historically excelled at the regional and global levels in track and field, but more recently, has also taken its rightful position among the elite athletes at both the World Championships and Olympic Games.

Recognizing this rich tradition and celebrated history in track and field, Alpheus “Hawk” Finlayson – track and field historian and former athlete – has partnered with Guardian Radio 96.9FM to highlight the achievements of The Bahamas and its athletes, while promoting the continued development of the sport throughout the country.

Along with interviews with current Bahamian and international track and field athletes, coaches and officials, Track World features track and field trivia with giveaways and fun track and field factoids.
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One response to “Track World with Alpheus Finlayson”

  1. Hendrith Smith Jr says:

    I am a 22 year old young Bahamian studying business in Florida and soon to be attending graduate school for English.

    I think many young Bahamians do love and appreciate our music but many others may view our music as sub-standard or unsophisticated. Many may see our music as an immature form of expression. However, I think this is all in perception and is the result of external influences telling us what to think of ourselves, telling us that other cultures are better than our own amazing culture.

    I am one of many who not only appreciates our music but see it as a very mature and sophisticated form of artistic expression and I love it. Our artists are true poets. Folks like Elon Moxey, Kirkland Bodie and Sweet Emily are great examples. It is a skill being able to capture the complexity of life in simple poetry and prose. And that is what Bahamian music is, that is what Bahamian music does. It’s truly beautiful.

    So I would tell all young Bahamians to try to see things from a new perspective. Dive into your intellectuality and realize the essence and beauty of what is true Bahamian expression. We have to keep our culture alive; it is who we are and it’s a beautiful thing. We are a beautiful people.

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