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The Eye Opener

The Eye Opener is exactly what the name implies. It is a Round Table Discussion featuring the Bahamian youth. It is intended to get a different perspective on the National Issues and expand the national debate to include the nation’s youth.

While the weekly current affairs programmes will concentrate on one specific issue, this show allows young Bahamians to evaluate the discussions on various national issues and share their perspective on those issues.

It also allows the forum for young Bahamians to discuss issues that directly impact young people both positively and negatively and to address a wide range of topics and issues.

One of the weekly features is a “Face Off” segment. This 15-minute segment will allow Young Bahamians to go Face to Face with prominent Bahamian leaders on issues of national interest.

It is intended to be enlightening and informative, with young presenters who are energetic, enthusiastic and passionate.

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