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Talk Theatre

Theatre in The Bahamas has not been an aspect of our culture that has penetrated all sectors of society. In fact, many see it as an aspect of performing arts that appeals to a small constituency of Bahamians. In recent years that community has been growing and theatre is becoming more appealing to younger generations of Bahamians.

This show will take and in depth look at theatre and its impact on the Bahamian culture and society from a youth perspective. It will discuss the various issues related to this aspect of the performing arts.

It will introduce you to young Bahamians who are intimately involved in theatre as writers, producers, directors, actors, stagehands etc.

It will feature a weekly “Down Memory Lane” segment. This will showcase outstanding Bahamian theatre performances of the past, either as individuals or groups.

It will also feature a weekly “Budding Stars” segment. This will highlight young talent emerging on the local theatre scene.

It will also feature upcoming theatre shows and review shows that are currently playing in local theatres.

It is designed to expose young Bahamians to another aspect of Bahamian culture.

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