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Darold Miller Live 25 July, 2013

Former FNM Parliamentary Secretary for Housing Brensil Rolle was the guest on Darold Miller Live on Thursday, July 25 and covered a number of hot topics in the Bahamas from Shanty Towns to Stem Cell Research and Therapy. Mr. Rolle suggested that the PLP government should continue to build on the policy left in place by the FNM to eliminate shanty towns, turning the areas into low cost housing subdivisions. Mr. Rolle, a deputy chairman of the FNM, also dismissed callers suggestions that Dr. Hubert Minnis could be easily displaced as FNM leader if Branville McCartney were to abandon the DNA and return to the FNM. Tune in to another lively and provocative Darold Miller Live.

“Lively & provocative!” Darold Miller reviews today’s headlines courtesy of The Nassau Guardian. To join the discussion, you can call in to the studio on 323-6232 and 323-8160. Send in a text to 447 9879! You can also email Darold Miller at

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