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What’s the Point 8 November, 2013

The first time you meet a vegan you usually think “now there is a person who really enjoys a plate full of cardboard and almond milk”, but like most prejudices formed from watching episodes of Family Guy I would be terribly mistaken.

Everyone should develop prejudices the civilized way, based on sports teams. Like how I am prejudice against anyone whose hairline won’t concede to their greatness.


People have been abstaining from eating animals for centuries for different reasons; some because of poverty and others because of religious obligations like the Brahman caste in India. With that said the word vegan wasn’t coined until 1944 by Donald Watson, years after the 1806 date when Dr William Lambe  the first recorded person  chose to abstain from animal product, even though he could totally afford it . Different people do it for different reasons but I have a feeling Dr. Lambe was tired of people making mutton jokes and trying to spread mint jelly on his leg. Look at that face.

Doesn’t he look like a person who has  been bitten by a 1800’s peasant who doesn’t understand homophones aren’t menu options?


Being a vegan seems straight forward but it becomes quite complicated if you really think about it.  Does honey count as an animal bi-product? What about yeast? If you are what you eat, aren’t the cows actually grass and in turn aren’t we all herbivores? What about vampires and zombies? Are there a vegan food choices for them? And the biggest question of all, if someone puts their heart and soul in a dish, does that count as animal product?

There is definitely some chunks of human soul and passion in this salad! I want to speak with your chef!”


Well these were some of the questions that I asked Gio Cooper, Chef and Owner of “Da Bahamian Vegan “ on this week’s broadcast of What’s The Point. So if you ever was curious about what it means to be vegan (and if its possible to do so in The Bahamas) then this is the show for you. Even if you believe the major Bahamian food groups are “bread, conch, chicken, rice , ketchup and macaroni”.

Almost a balanced meal, except that lime looks organic!









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