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Morning Blend 13 January, 2014


Franon Wilson, President, Bahamas Real Estate Association, discusses the government’s revised policy on the stamp duty exemption for first time home buyers. Wilson tells Dwight and guest host Pamela Musgrove that the threshold has dropped from properties valued at $250,000 to now $200,000. He explains that for properties valued between 200K & 250K, the government will exempt the first 200K and take 5% (and not the full 10%) stamp duty on the difference. Wilson says despite common perceptions, there are still many properties under the threshold for first-time buyers.
We also discuss other real estate concerns and trends.

“In The News”, with the death penalty the apparent hot topic of the new year, we discuss some of the puzzling statements from government officials about the need to amend the constitution to allow for executions to take place, and the need for a referendum on the issue.
And we try to determine why someone would conduct a poll on how Bahamians feel about web shop gambling, nearly one year after the issue was decided in a referendum.

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