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Morning Blend 29 January, 2014


“Breaking the Cycle of Abuse in Women and Children” is a special forum set for Thursday night to “break the silence” of abuse in the country. Hosted by the DNA Women’s Alliance, the forum will feature speakers from the Crisis Centre. Guests (pictured l to r) Lydia Isaacs-Thompson, DNA Women’s Alliance 2nd Vice President, Marsha Thompson, 1st Vice President, and Podesta Moore, President, tell us the forum is January 30 at BPSU Hall on East St. South and Soldier Rd. at 7pm.

And Meteorologist Wayne Neely discusses “The Great Bahamas Hurricane of 1929: The Story of the Greatest Bahamian Hurricane of the Twentieth Century”. That’s the title of his latest in a series of books about hurricanes. Neely says the category 4 storm essentially sat of Andros and New Providence for 3 days, destroying many of the buildings of the islands. Contrary to official international estimates that about 50 people were killed, Neely estimates that more than 100 people were killed in the Bahamas as a result of the storm, many of them sponge fishermen out-to-sea at the time. The storm hit just one month before the onset of stock market crash that led to the Great Depression, and it took years from the country’s economy to recover from his devastating impact.
The book is available in local bookstores and online.

Plus, “In The News”, reaction to last night’s Vote No victory celebration rally on the 1st anniversary of the gambling referendum. Plus, the latest on the BTC deal, and the most recent US Embassy crime warning about Nassau and Freeport.

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