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Morning Blend 7 February, 2014


We discuss “self-defense for real life situations”; Martial Arts experts and “protection agents” Clayton Phillips, Dale Dean Jr., and Earl Carey, with Cross Training Martial Arts & Fitness Centre, talk about avoiding potentially life-threatening scenarios, but also what to do if you are in such a predicament. They also tell us about the physical and emotional discipline that’s usually a by-product of martial arts training.
Cross Training & Martial Arts is offering programs specifically for women and children. For more information, check them out on Facebook or call 448-0787.

Shock and outrage after a 77-year old driver fights for her life after her SUV collides with a prison bus filled with accused murderers in a convoy racing to court through the streets of the capital.
And what’s accounting for the disparity in the stats for shootings from the police force and those recently purported to be from the Princess Margaret Hospital? The Police Commissioner and the National Security Minister say there is no reason to question or doubt their figures. We discuss.

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