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Morning Blend 5 March, 2014

Dr. Marvin Smith is wary of calls to legalize marijuana for medical purposes. The Deputy Director of the National Drug Agency and Vice President of the Caribbean Association of Pharmacists says there has not been enough research on the long-term effects of cannabis usage, and he supports views that additional research is needed to clarify the actual therapeutic properties. He suggests that moving to decriminalize marijuana for recreational purposes would be less problematic than legalizing it for medicinal use, particularly with so many questions still unanswered.

And “In The News”, strong reaction to shocking comments from Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller. He recently relayed in the House the story of a girlfriend he had who apparently wanted to be abused. “When I didn’t beat her she used to tell me I ain’t love her no more cause I don’t hit her,”Miller said. “I tell her I get tired, man! My hands hurting a little bit. Give me a break!” Other members of parliament laughed and banged on the table while Miller told his tale.
Also, reaction to the outcome of the shocking rape of a pregnant woman. And calls for something to be done about Prince Charles Drive following another fatal traffic accident.
Plus, the latest on the VAT and real property tax debate.

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