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Morning Blend 14 March, 2014

Prodesta Moore, Bahamas Urban Youth Development Centre, shares her personal and emotional story of an abusive relationship in which she was often the instigator of physical abuse against her husband.
Moore also suggests that corporal punishment against children may unwittingly be fostering a culture of physical abuse, as at an early age many children learn that hitting someone is an acceptable reaction to an undesired behaviour. That sparks a spirited debate with listeners.

“In The News”, reaction to the Prime Minister’s announcement that VAT will not be introduced at a rate of 15 percent, and may not be launched on July 1. We also get reaction to the Prime Minister’s strong words in defense of VAT Coordinator Ishmael Lightbourne. Plus, South Andros MP Picewell Forbes’ refusal to apologize for laughing hysterically when colleague Leslie Miller “joked” in the House about beating an ex-girlfriend.

And our jail house wedding-inspired, “Song of the Week”.

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