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Morning Blend 24 March, 2014

The debate over bail for violent and repeat offenders intensifies. National Security Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage shares his personal views, saying he feels those accused of murder should not be entitled to bail. He also calls for greater restrictions for those on the ankle bracelet monitoring program. The company currently managing that program agrees.
But the Bar Association President says the Minister and the Police Commissioner, who expressed similar sentiments last week, are being “disingenuous” with their comments, and that they know the country subscribes to the universal declaration on human rights, and that a person is innocent until proven guilty.
Also, Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe is confirming that web shop operators are currently giving advice to the government on the regulations that will govern their sector. But Wilchcombe says this “lobbying group” will not make decisions on how they will be policed.
Plus, Labour Minister Shane Gibson says the Christie Administration is living up to its pledge to resolve outstanding public service labour issues, and is not worried about claims from the TUC President that a union revolt is brewing.

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