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Morning Blend 23 July, 2014

July 23, 2014: We discuss the limitless potential of “The Orange Economy”. This concept refers to engaging and empowering the nation’s creative community to explore the many available economic opportunities.
Pam Burnside, Owner, Doongalik Studios Art Gallery, and Antonius Roberts, with Antonius Roberts Studio and Gallery at Hillside House, share their views on why The Bahamas has been slow to recognize the full potential of the Orange Economy. And Co-author of the publication, “The Orange Economy: An Infinite Opportunity”, Felipe Buitrago, a consultant with the IDB, joins us on the LIVE line from Washington, DC, to discuss opportunities with the Orange Economy in the region.
Tonight, Burnside will share the paper she presented for the “Voices of The Caribbean” panel at the IDB Creatives of The Caribbean Arts Festival in Washington, DC, back in June. Buitrago will be here in Nassau tonight as well to discuss more about his publication as well. It’s set for 6:30-8:30pm at the Central Bank Gallery.

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