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Morning Blend 18 March, 2015

On ‪#‎MorningBlend‬ now, understanding fuel quality, and the impact this can have on your vehicle.We discuss octane levels, pinging and knocking and other issues related to fuel quality. Michael Howe, Senior Fuel Scientist with Shell Oil Products, USA, discusses how bad fuel can impact the engine in your vehicle.
Sun Oil Ltd., the Shell Licensee in The Bahamas, is this week launching a new “Shell Fuel Economy Unleaded” gasoline, which Shell Brand Licence Manager Amos Ramos says is “designed to give extra miles to the gallon”.
Rufus Johnson, Shell Bahamas Marketing Manager, tells us about the plans to roll out the new fuel this week nationwide.

Pictured left to right: Morning Blend Host Dwight Strachan; Amos Ramos, Michael Howe, Joan Albury, The Counsellors Ltd., Morning Blend Co-Host Andrew Strachan, and Rufus Johnson.

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