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Morning Blend w/ Dwight Strachan 12 May, 2015

Can The Bahamas support and sustain both Junkanoo and Junkanoo Carnival? Will this past weekend’s Carnival event impact this coming winter’s Junkanoo season in any way? Are there lessons to be learned from Carnival that can help address the concerns and challenges facing Junkanoo?
Those are some of the questions we put to our guests – noted Junkanooers who were actively involved in Junkanoo Carnival: Darren Bastian with Enigma Carnival Group (and One Family Junkanoo Group); Ivoine Ingraham and Chris Justilien with Colours Festival Carnival Group (and Colours Junkanoo & Entertainment); and Angelique McKay, Junkanoo Commandos Carnival Group and (Junkanoo Commandos).

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