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Thu, 05 Feb 2015 06:55:30 -0500

#‎MorningBlend‬ on February 5, 2015: Foreign Affairs & Immigration Minister Fred Mitchell speaks out on the controversy surrounding plans to have schools ensure that all non-Bahamian students have the relevant permits to reside in The Bahamas, and thus attend schools in this country. He explains that this is not an additional permit, beyond the residency permit.
Mitchell also addresses the long delays for those seeking the new “Belonger’s Permit” for individuals born in The Bahamas who have applied for citizenship, and the fact that the legislation to allow for this has not been before Parliament as yet. This, despite the fact that a “significant number” of people have applied for it since the new Immigration Policy came into effect on November 1. Mitchell says at best it may be about 4 weeks before the Department of Immigration can begin to issue the permits.

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Wed, 04 Feb 2015 18:53:19 -0500

Appearing on “Blank Canvas” this week is honoured guess, Dr. Jonathan Holloway. Dean of Yale College and Professor of African-American Studies, History and American Studies. He will be discussing his most recent book Jim Crow Wisdom: Memory and Identity in Black America since 1940 (2013) and how the concepts relate to the current National Exhibition, NE7, Antillean: An Ecology currently on show at NAGB, dealing with issues of race, identity, privilege and economy.

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Tue, 03 Feb 2015 18:28:05 -0500

Karl McCartney, Canadian Football League is the guest on Track World this Tuesday. Karl comes from a talented athletic family related to Gerry and Evan Wisdom. We will also have someone who knows Lou Adderley well on the show as we look forward to the Gala Ball honoring him.

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