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National Teacher of the Year (2015-2017) Yonell Justilien talks about his musical journey: how he got into music, and why he became a teacher. The Government High School performing arts teacher, who’s also the man behind the “Bahamas All-Star Marching Band”, and their amazing performance at last year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, discusses music as a powerful socialization tool, and the opportunities (including scholarships) available those with even modest musical talent.

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First cousins Dr. Nicolette Bethel (left) and Margot Bethel (right) speak about their collaborative installation at the NAGB, entitled “If.” The work is an evocation of their paternal grandmother’s house on East Bay Street, a traditional wooden home, that was mistakenly bulldozed. Nicolette has written a book of poetry about “Mamma Lilly” and the poems play an important part in the exercise, part reconstruction, part theatrical set. The artists discuss the intersection of memory and storytelling, with some of the issues being addressed in the NE7—race, economy and class—and speak to how the destruction of traditional homes, whether accidental or intentional, is creating a loss in our history and sense of identity.
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