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10 responses to “Contact”

  1. Leslie Moore says:

    Darold, I think you are discriminating against Caribbean people with regards to travelling to our country. Think about it, we are in the tourist business spending millions of dollars for Americans and Europeans to visit our country.
    You are saying, because its Jamaicans and Haitians we don’t want them visiting our country. I think you are being prejudice against your own brothers and sisters.

  2. Can someone please tell me what is the issue with your internet streaming? I reside in the US and the streaming has been down now for over a week.

    • Jasper Haeward says:

      Hi Leslie,

      We were struck by lightning last week and several pieces of our equipment were affected. The technicians are still working on fixing all aspects of our broadcasting, although we are still on air on our frequency 96.9FM. Apologies for the inconvenience and we all hope that the streaming will soon be returned to full capacity.

    • Jasper Haeward says:

      Streaming should be functional at this time. Please let us know if you have any further issues! Thank you for choosing Guardian Radio!

  3. Hi,

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    I look forward to hearing from you.

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    • Jasper Haeward says:

      Hi Phoebe, I’ve forwarded your comment to my boss. She will be better able to assist you. Thank you for your interest in Guardian Radio!

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  5. Levette says:

    Hi Dwight and Stacy, I am listening from Tampa. I am also doing the health thing here in Tampa.

  6. Lydia says:

    Hi Darrold: Please allow me to tell these people who are calling in concerning the joint vision of all parties; they must understand that each party and party leader has their own vision if they did not there will be no need for an election. Mr. Chrisite is an intelligent man called by God for this time, allow him to lead and his cabinet to govern according to their vision and their ideas. These people are suggesting allowing Branville McCarntey and adding other people from different parties to be a part of their cabinet etc., but if these people on the opposite side wanted to be a part of governing party, they would have joined the PLP. Come on, if they shared their vision they would not have rallied against them. After all they had disagreement in heaven!
    Let’s pray for Mr. Christie and his cabinet to efficiently , fairly and effectively lead the Bahamas.
    God bless.

  7. S. Ferguson says:

    Just wanted to say I really enjoyed today’s show (coffee break with TJ)…definitely NOT what I was expecting on “talk radio” but very entertaining!

    Keep it up TJ!

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