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3 responses to “Feedback”

  1. Agatha Smith says:

    I wish to address the newspaper article of the Tribune/Guardian regarding John Pinders agreement with Mr. Miller claims of double dipping by BEC. John Pinder need not get Public Servants involved he needs to do his research once persons exceeds their sick leave their salaries are cut some person sometime after having their salary cut dont have no money to by medication most of the time the medication thats prescribed by the doctor, the hospital dont have it and persons rely on NIB to pay for medication and things needed to recover. Our union representor needs to deal with pressing matters such as outstanding promotions that civil servants after some 18 and 6 years still waiting to received he can talk about that. most person at the max of the salary scale, with the increase in NIB and with the VAT coming on stream civil servants will soon be marching to social service for help to. greatful your remarks on this request to be address. thank its a pleasure to listening to your show.

    really concerned

  2. Jay says:

    Please check the 3rd and 4th uploaded recordings for the Nov. 21st discussion of Coffee Break with TJ. I was listening to it, and the 1st two links work well (the first 20 mins of the show) while the other two are dysfunctional. Your prompt attention to this matter would be greatly appreciated, as the show was insightful. Thanks.

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