Presenters & Shows
  • Adult Contemporary Music Featuring Soft Inspirational/ Adult Contemporary Music
  • Bahamian Bio w/ Gina P. Morley Who am I? Whose am I? Where do i come from? What are my roots? Are you my family? Bahamianbio encourages Bahamians to honour, recognize and acknowledge their ancestry and address HOW that lineage, genealogy, heritage has impacted and influenced the individuals that they have become. All by tracing their roots. Begin now. Take the first step.Listen in to Bahamianbio, every Sunday at 7pm on Guardian Radio 96.9FM. To listen to recorded audios of GTR Shows click on link below: For a complete list of related shows click here.
  • Caribbean & Urban American Gospel Hits with Landlord & Mike D Bahamian Gospel Artist Landlord teams up with U.S. Gospel Radio Personality, Mike D. Each week they interview some of the biggest American and Caribbean Gospel Artists, and showcase the newest and hottest Gospel Hits. SUNDAYS 1:30pm – 2:00pm (October 4, 2015) For a complete list of related shows click here.
  • Changing the Mindset with Beaumont Todd The aim of Changing the Mindset with Beaumont Todd is to address pressing issues in The Bahamas, as a nation, people and community. We seek to reach out to people throughout the archipelago, to get a true state of affairs for our country. But we don’t just talk about the issues we are facing, we also come up with realistic and positive solutions that we can begin to apply in our lives and communities. The show’s focus is to change the direction our country is taking to one that we envision together as a people – one that we would be proud of and willing to claim. It’s alternate focus is to help “change the mindset” of our people from one where we blame one another, and act and feel helpless to do anything about our circumstances, so as to help us become a people who live up to our country’s motto –“forward, upward, onward and together”. Talk with us via email at; on Facebook at Tweet Beaumont @changingthemind.
  • Connected Research shows two things. People are already engaged in permanent conversations about their finances, relationships, health and life. The way they perform in each of those areas is driven primarily by how they see and talk about them. Connected with Lester Cox will get people seeing and talking about things differently. Lester believes that we talk because we have something to say; we should listen because there are things we don’t know and can learn. The space between talking and listening is where there are new opportunities and possibilities. Follow Connected through or @LesterRCox on Twitter. For a complete list of Connected files, click here.
  • IGM Let’s Talk Business IGM (Ivory Global Management) Let’s Talk Business focuses simply on Business! The goal of the show is to discuss and navigate the process of doing business in The Bahamas and globally. We look at practical day-to-day solutions, ideas and suggestions for persons interested in going into business, those already in business and those dealing with everyday challenges in business. While not a political show, we do from time-to-time invite guests from the public (government) sector to come and discuss areas that impact business and entrepreneurs. For more information or to advertise and promote your business, email or, visit, or call 328-7077. For a complete list of IGM Let’s Talk Business shows available for streaming and download click here.
  • Inside the Inner City Inside the Inner City is a weekly program focusing on social issues affecting “urban” communities in New Providence, as well as the history and concerns of residents in those areas. Host Valentino “Scrooge” Brown is a reformed gangster and former leader of the 1980/1990’s street gang “The Border Boys”. As a resident of the Bain Town area, Scrooge provides a unique perspective on the day-to-day happenings in these inner-city communities, and the show provides a forum for solutions for these issues. For a complete list of Inside the Inner City shows available for streaming and download click here.
  • Investing In Being Human Dr Colin Archer is an ordained Christian Minister and Psychotheologian. He is a graduate of The United Theological College of The West Indies (UTCWI) and The University of The West Indies (UWI), and completed postgraduate doctoral studies at Eden Theological Seminary in association with St Louis State Hospital. He has tutored as visiting professor in Christianity and Culture at Princeton Theological Seminary and is the founding president of The Bahamas Conference of The Methodist Church.
  • Let’s Talk Live About The Show Hosted by veteran journalist Carlton Smith, this current affairs program provides a forum for intelligent discussion on the issues impacting this nation. Guests range from present and past politicians, business professionals, religious and community Leaders. Let’s Talk LIVE seeks to move the national debate from the established standard of “venting opportunities” for a group of “chronic talk show callers” to the new plateau of engaging interview discussions, encouraging different points of view. This new approach seeks to drive the nation’s leadership in all sectors of society to resolve issues with a view to transforming the nation. For a complete list of Let’s Talk Live shows available for streaming and download click here.
  • Live Well Live Long w/ Sherry T & Dr.Alvira Higgs Hosted by Sherry T & Dr. Alvira Higgs For a complete list of related shows click here.
  • Morning Blend with Dwight Strachan About The Show Morning Blend with Dwight Strachan is the weekday morning news and talk radio show on Guardian Radio 96.9. Unlike anything currently on Bahamian morning radio, the show aims to give analysis and opinion on a wide range of topics, including local and international news, politics, sports, health and entertainment. With its panel format, featuring Dwight Strachan and his various guest co-hosts, the program aims for more humorous and less formal and somber perspectives on the issues of the day. However, backed by the resources of The Nassau Guardian, it will still offer in-depth reporting and analysis, and breaking news. Listeners can expect a fast-paced show with a variety of different topics each day, as well as interviews with newsmakers, and with the people who report on the news. Morning Blend is a source of business and consumer news, weather and traffic updates. Regular segments include “The Overnight” (late-breaking headlines on developments nationally and internationally), “In The News” (discussions on hot topics), “Morning Business Report” (local and international business and consumer information), and “The Final Half” (entertainment news and issues at 8:30am –the final half-hour of the show). Morning Blend airs Monday through Friday from 6am to 9am. List of Co-hosts: MONDAY – Pamela Musgrove TUESDAY ...
  • Music Music
  • Music Music
  • NAGB Blank Canvas A partnership between the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) and Guardian Radio, NAGB Blank Canvas promises lively discussion on emerging and experimental art, the artistic process and contemporary visual culture in The Bahamas, the wider Caribbean, and on the international stage. Host Amanda Coulson, NAGB Director, speaks with guests ranging from contemporary artists, curators and writers, to collectors, patrons and scholars from The Bahamas and overseas. Connect with the show and the NAGB on or on Twitter @NAGBahamas For a complete list of shows in the NAGB – Blank Canvas series, click here.
  • Q & A with Quincy Parker & Adrian Francis Veteran Journalist Quincy Parker and Political Pundit Adrian Francis provide a “political week in review” each and every Sunday afternoon, with in-depth analysis of the events of the past few days, and insight into what the new week may hold. The signature feature of the show will be the sure-to-be-news-making interviews with the past week’s political newsmakers. To advertise with Q & A, email For a complete list of related shows click here.
  • Religious/ Inspirational/ Motivational Programmes Religious/ Inspirational/ Motivational Programmes
  • Replay: The Best of the Day Replay of the Best shows of the Day, Paid Programmes, and Live Events.
  • SILVER LININGS with Reuben Rahming A faith-based LIVE talk show created to expose the unique contributions of churches and individuals within our Bahamian society. We will seek out evidence of the miraculous, present true stories of “overcomers”, and provide examples needed to be victorious. Tune in and be encouraged to seek your “silver lining!” To advertise with Silver Linings, email For a complete list of related shows click here.
  • Soft Music Inspiration Music
  • SPECIAL PROGRAMMING For a complete list of related shows, click here.
  • Sports Talk 101 Sports Talk 101 with Brian Ambi features professional athletes from various sporting disciplines. It provides an arena for Bahamians to critique and debate their favorite sports teams. Brian firmly believes sports programs need to be developed in our inner cities, but in order to do so effectively Bahamians need to understand the power of sports, the discipline sports bring, and the many opportunities it creates for our young people. To advertise on Sports Talk 101, email     SPORTS TALK 101 (twitter) @brian_ambi
  • Tell It To Stanya Featuring first person accounts of the true stories behind people you have read about, as well as others living complicated and interesting lives, Life Coach Stanya Davis takes us on a journey to healing, understanding, and walking a mile in another person’s shoes. Stanya firmly believes, “Healing begins when we take off our mask and speak our truth.” Follow Tell it to Stanya! on Facebook To advertise, email
  • The Blueprint Blueprint with Construction Seminar Group (CSG): Building Foundations for Tomorrow’s Innovations. Sponsored by The Engineering Group and Michael Diggiss & Associates. Hosts: Lelawattee Manoo-Rahming, Michael Diggiss and Hammond Rahming CSG has been designing and facilitating seminars for professionals of the “built environment” since 1995. With Blueprint radio show, CSG aims to raise awareness of the professionals who create the built environment, that is, Architects, Engineers and Contractors, and to encourage and inspire young people to enter the professions of Architecture, Engineering and Construction. With Blueprint, CSG also aims to provide an historical overview of the contributions made by Bahamian Professionals to the built environment, acknowledging the challenges and celebrating the successes. To that end, Blueprint will be showcasing various Architects, Engineers, Contractors and allied professional as our special guests. To advertise with or for more information on Blueprint, visit Construction Seminar Group on Facebook, or email
  • The Conversation Shenique Miller will dare to go where no other show has gone before. The Conversation is primarily geared towards women – our issues and aspirations, desires and concerns, triumphs, fears and interests. The Conversation will provoke, compel and motivate the listener to lead a better more informed quality of life. The Conversation will feature real life experiences and people who come together to share stories and empower one another. We have several standing features that have become favorites with our listeners: 
 Hot Topics Monday
 Roundtable Fridays
 All Male Panel (monthly)
 Women’s Health Wednesdays (twice a month)
 Sex Coaching and Intimacy (monthly) 
 Like our theme song says, The Conversation is “Girls helping Girls to Make It Through.” You can join The Conversation on, follow @sheniquemiller on twitter, and check out The Conversation with Shenique Miller Channel on YouTube. For a complete list of The Conversation files, click here.
  • THE ESSENTIALS! with Hubert Edwards The Essentials! seeks to be “advancing the national conversation” by leveraging indigenous and diaspora knowledge for national advancement. Host Hubert Edwards, a professional accountant and banker, will explore issues of national importance with leaders of industry, and will approach topics by analyzing the issue, highlighting the pros and cons, and outlining potential solutions. Follow The Essentials! on Facebook and @TheEssential2 on Twitter. To advertise with The Essentials!, email For a complete list of related shows click here.
  • The Eye Opener The youth of The Bahamas comprise the majority of its population but our voice is the one least heard. The Eye Opener is a youth talk show, hosted by Nelson Smith & DeAndra Cartwright. It’s dedicated to opening the eyes of the Bahamian population to the world around us by providing a perspective on national, regional and international issues through the eyes of the youth. Each week the show highlights a ‘hot’ topic and provides a platform for discussion with special guests as well as the listening audience. The show also provides a showcase of a young individual or group of young people who have been positively active in the community as they build our nation. Additionally, the show occasionally hosts a round-table discussion on the plethora of issues affecting young people and The Bahamas in general. Open your eyes to the world around you and join in the discussion by tuning in every Saturday morning at 9am on Guardian Talk Radio 96.9FM on your radio, Channel 969 on your cable set top box or live stream us on ‘Like’ us on Facebook at ‘Follow’ us on Twitter @theeyeopener969 Send us an email at   For a complete list of related shows click here.   THE EYE ...
  • The Revolution w/ Juan McCartney The Revolution with Guardian Broadcast News Editor Juan McCartney discusses the current state of affairs of the country, inclusive of but not limited to the “state” of our educational and criminal justice systems, immigration, tourism, labor and other relevant sectors. We also have meaningful discussions on the “state” of our families, churches, businesses and our society at large. This engaging and informative platform seeks to enlighten the audience about national and political issues but also seek to provide ideas for sustainable solutions. The show will invite audience interaction via phone calls, text messages and Facebook and Twitter postings. For a complete list of shows from Your The Revolution, click here.
  • Track World with Alpheus Finlayson The Bahamas has demonstrated that international success in track and field is not measured by the geographic layout or population size of a country. The Bahamas has historically excelled at the regional and global levels in track and field, but more recently, has also taken its rightful position among the elite athletes at both the World Championships and Olympic Games. Recognizing this rich tradition and celebrated history in track and field, Alpheus “Hawk” Finlayson – track and field historian and former athlete – has partnered with Guardian Radio 96.9FM to highlight the achievements of The Bahamas and its athletes, while promoting the continued development of the sport throughout the country. Along with interviews with current Bahamian and international track and field athletes, coaches and officials, Track World features track and field trivia with giveaways and fun track and field factoids. To advertise on Track World, email
  • VOICES OF THE DIASPORA A multi-faceted examination of all aspects of life and culture in The Bahamas – particularly from the unique perspective of the Haitian community in the country – “Voices of the Diaspora” features bilingual (English and Haitian Creole) news and analysis, interactive discussions, and entertainment. Segments include “You Need To Know”, “Voice of the People”, “Youth Interaction”, “Artist Spotlight” and “Kompa Music Saturdays”. LIVE WEDNESDAY’S, SATURDAY’S AND SUNDAY’S 7:30PM – 10:00PM For a complete list of related shows click here.
  • Weekday Evening News Charlene M. Ferguson   Charlene Ferguson has spent more than ten years of her life amassing and impressive list of achievements in the field of Bahamian Broadcasting. Ferguson has served as Senior News Editor, Producer, Radio anchor and field reporter for the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas. Her reporting experience in national and international news is vast encompassing innovative and in depth reporting on areas from politics and crime to human interest stories. Ferguson has anchored the station’s Radio coverage of live breaking news including Hurricanes Frances and Ike, the 2007 general election and the 2010 Elizabeth by- election. Ferguson provided live floor television coverage of the 2005 FNM and PLP National conventions. She repeated the effort for Radio convention coverage in 2009. While serving as International Correspondent for the BCB, she filed live radio and recorded television reports from several meetings of CARICOM. She has interviewed leading Caribbean political leaders including former Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Patrick Manning, St Lucia Prime Minister Kenny Anthony, Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, St Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister Denzil Douglas, St Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Ralph Gonzalves and even former U.S. Attorney General JohnS Ashcroft. In 2005 she was promoted to Senior News Editor ...

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