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Morning Blend 14 January, 2014


Community activist and ex-convict Dewitt Williams tells his story of transformation from a life of crime and imprisonment to an advocate for troubled young men heading down the wrong path. He shares his views on crime, guns, the death penalty, and why our focus needs to switch from searching for solutions to crime, to finding ways to prevent people from turning to a life of crime in the first place.

And “In The News”, reaction to a shocking shooting last night in the Tampa, Florida, area; a 71-year old man shot another man dead in a movie theatre after an argument over texting. With increasing calls for more Bahamians to be allowed to legally possess and carry handguns for their own protection, we ask whether this would lead to more of these sorts of incidents in this country.
And with six months to go before its implementation, Prime Minister Perry Christie says a group of American economists will conduct a final study on value-added tax to address some of the “hysterical” concerns about the tax regime.

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