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Morning Blend 30 January, 2014


It’s “National Privacy Week” here in The Bahamas. Data Protection Commissioner Sharmie Farrington Austin tells us her office is responsible for administrating and enforcing the Data Protection (Privacy of Personal) Information Act. We discuss cyber crimes, social media privacy concerns, data security breaches, and the requirements of data controllers.
Contact the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner at 702-1552 or email

“In The News”, we get a surprise telephone call from Belinda Wilson, President, Bahamas Union of Teachers. She calls to weigh in on our discussion, and reinforce the union’s position on the controversial fingerprinting of expatriate teachers, as yet another group of foreign public school teachers was told this week they had to have their fingerprints taken at the Central Detective Unit and also pay the $100 fee. Wilson says not only is it discriminatory to force only expat teachers to do this, but it’s also against the labour laws of the country.
Listeners have widely mixed views on the issue, which the Ministry of Education claims will help them better weed out foreign teachers with criminal pasts.

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