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Morning Blend 20 March, 2015

Picture #1, left to right: Morning Blend Host Dwight Strachan; Athlete Shawn Frederic; Athlete Verdell McIntosh; Nick Dean; Athlete Stephen Green; Morning Blend Co-Host Alesha Hart; Coach Anthony Williams.

Today on Morning Blend, the track club on tiny Moore’s Island has been breaking records, earning accolades and making waves for a number of years now. It’s all been under the tutelage of coach Pastor Anthony Williams. What Williams has been able to accomplish on this tiny cay just off the west coast of Abaco – which has no track, just an open space in a field – has captured the attention of many, including businessman Nick Dean. Dean, along with his partners, has helped develop the Moore’s Island Student Athlete Program (MISAP).

Also, we’d like to remind you that the Inspired Leadership (LEAD2015) Simulcast for The Bahamas is just days away. Local Facilitator Jacqueline Ledgister-Bethell tells us the event is designed to inspire true leaders and leadership. It will be streamed LIVE from Dallas, Texas, and will cover 2 days and 22 speakers and will be broadcast to about 1,000 sites, expecting to reach about 1 million people.




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